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FORGET that I let myself and my life be decided...

 that I will let you decide about myself and my life. Leyenová, Jourová, Fiala, Rakušana, Černochová, Lipavský, Petr Pavl, Řehka, Zelenský, Pekarová, Jurečka, Vystrčila, Babiš, Němcová, Pavle Novotný, Hřiba, Válka, Kubka, Haška,...

If you want any support from me, you have to earn it not by totalitarian practices, but by quality argumentation and successful defense of your views and everything you do.

You lost my trust a long time ago.

  1. You promised that NATO would not expand.
  2. You were silent for eight years when Ukrainians were killing their fellow citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk.
  3. You lied to us about Covid. You lied to us about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.
    • I consider censorship, concealment of information and non-existent quality statistics to be sufficient evidence.
  4. You lie to us about Ukraine, which is one of the most corrupt countries. You lie about Ukrainian democracy. You supply the Czech Republic with objectionable Ukrainian foodstuffs.
  5. Having Ukraine in NATO is more important to you than the lives of hundreds of thousands of dead grandfathers, fathers and future fathers.
  6. You lied to us and are still lying about the annexation of Crimea.
  7. You lie about CO2, about our independence from gas from the Russian Federation.
  8. You are buying expensive, unsuitable military equipment from the most indebted country, which is the biggest terrorist and supporter of conflict and drug trafficking in the world.
  9. You buy expensive non-functional vaccines, but you can't even get regular penicillin.
  10. You "solve" problems by borrowing, subsidizing, sanctioning, defaming and "labeling" your opponents and censorship.
  11. You privatize profits and nationalize losses.
  12. You raise taxes on citizens and liquidate savings. You raise your own salaries and increase the profits of the oligarchs through subsidies.
    • You like it when people have to give you their money and when there is not enough, you put them in debt.
  13. You support killing not only in Ukraine but now also in Gaza. Will we, the citizens of the Czech Republic, be next?
  14. You are not responsible for wrong decisions and poor management.
  15. You have turned our safe and once advanced and relatively self-sufficient country into a colony, an assembly plant, you are turning it into a developing country and bringing it closer to civil war.
  16. You make us, the citizens of the Czech Republic, into second- or third-category citizens through positive discrimination against foreigners, "non-adaptables", "minorities" with various deviations and oligarchs.
  17. We have a shortage of doctors and technicians, the quality of education and healthcare is declining.
  18. We have a surplus of officials, generals, non-profits, insurance companies and politicians.
  19. "Our" "army" fights in the world for foreign interests, for the money of the citizens of the Czech Republic.
  20. The police "protect" us by using violence against people who do not have masks, they intervene against fellow citizens with "wrong" opinions.
    • This is not generally the case. I have met and spoken to a number of completely and utterly sane police officers.
    • I believe that it is necessary to talk with them personally more often in order to create the necessary and sufficient sense of belonging between us and them.
  21. He gets fired from his job for wrong opinions.
  22. Flying the Ukrainian flag is rewarded. For displaying the flag of the Russian Federation, "democratic" supporters of Ukraine can be expected to be fired, threatened, violent, and possibly even killed.
  23. You are selling off "national silver". You buy bonds of Germany, USA, ...
  24. You "solve" our 0.3% effect on CO2, you need to have an overview of every sheep, goat, pig, but you don't solve soil destruction, deforestation, poisoning of rivers, etc.
  25. You can easily restrict the movement of your own residents across the board, but you can't solve immigration.
  26. You can't bring down the high prices of the electricity we produce cheaply, and you can't even rationally explain why that is.
  27. You care about the safety of our country without any merit of yours, while you make Ukraine out of our safe country.

Responsibility for the state of society and the world.

Each of us is responsible for the state of society and the world in proportion to the level of our position, entrusted powers, income, property, education and intelligence.

  • The fact that someone has position, power, income or property and lacks education and intelligence does not absolve him of responsibility.

Everyone must be considered a THIEF (even retroactively), in any period (in prosperity or crisis), who had or has disproportionate profits from activities that are necessary for taxpayers (required by law) or necessary and necessary for their lives. Anyone who knowingly or unknowingly supports or participates in this must also be considered a thief.

THEFT must be considered knowingly or unknowingly participating in the creation of a false image of facts from which someone directly or indirectly benefits and which has led to economic harm to ordinary citizens.

Anyone who profits from war and armaments or has participated in creating a false image of the facts that led to war or its support must be considered a THIEF and a MURDERER.

You who want to disarm citizens by restricting legal gun ownership.

  • In the military, as a college graduate, I refused to carry a gun.
  • In 2014-2015, under the impression of the events in Odessa, the support of EU immigration and the obvious inability of politicians to solve the problems they create, I started thinking about getting a gun license.
    • I wanted to be able to assess what it means to get a gun license and what it means to handle a gun responsibly and use it.
  • After getting my gun license, I spent a year considering whether to buy a gun.
    • Fear for myself and property did not play a role in my decision.
    • It was decided by the fear of not being able to intervene to protect the life of a child, woman or an old person, and especially the acceptance of the consequences and risks for me arising from the use of a weapon.
    • My concerns about the totalitarian practices of the Czech Republic and the EU, the processes taking place in Ukraine directed by the USA, the support of immigration and thus the lawful reduction of security in our country were also a significant reason for the purchase of the weapon.
  • Having a gun and using it is about taking a huge responsibility for yourself and your actions. 
    • I consider it necessary to constantly doubt my moral qualities, my ability to judge what is right and what is wrong.
    • I lack this responsibility and necessary qualities in, for example, Biden, Zelenský, Leyenová, Jourová, Černochová, Řehka, Lipavský, Fiala, Rakušan, Petr Pavel ... and this list is far from complete.

Politicians do not have any "card" that confirms the necessary skills to perform their "job".

  • They are not required to undergo an examination that will verify their psychological, character, intellectual and, above all, moral qualities. At the same time, the damage caused by politicians to the lives and property of others, to the entire society and even to several generations, is incomparable to the damage caused by all legal gun owners combined.
  • Only intellectually deficient individuals can think that the solution to security is to have an armed police officer at every turn.

I counted about 4-5 people whom I can trust and entrust my weapon to if necessary.

  • At the same time, we have entrusted the management of the state to people we do not know, who often show the signs of psychopaths and whose professional and moral qualities can be successfully doubted.
  • I would like to meet the people who elect these "authorities" to help me understand what and why I am wrong, so that I can change my opinions and attitudes for the "better".

I consider all of you who make decisions about us without us to be criminals and hypocrites.

  • I also consider the existing electoral system and model of company management to be criminal.
  • I consider direct democracy to be the only correct management of society (I don't know the SPD's idea of ​​direct democracy, but it will very likely be different from mine).

  • That direct democracy cannot be used?
  • That many things could not be achieved?
  • Of course, she did not give when the company is run by people of dubious quality, unable to come up with a vision, a concept of how to achieve it and convince the general public about it.

FOR SUPPORTERS OF EU, NATO and Euro, food for thought.

  • If the "developed west" was about equalizing economies and equal partnerships, would they take their experts from other countries?
  • Are subsidies, sanctions and indebtedness a suitable management tool or do they serve as a tool for control and manipulation?
  • Why, with the increasing possibilities of technology to inform us about anything and their decreasing price, is there a growing need to transfer decision-making powers to an ever smaller group of unelected and irrevocable "people"?

  • Before "Velvet", there was a loosening and growth of civil liberties. When the USSR "left" us, we were left with industry, banks, water, power plants, we had enough teachers, doctors, "penicillin", the army, we had no debts.

    • How can I explain that I have been observing the opposite trend for many years?
  • What has "friendship" and cooperation with the EU and the USA brought us? What will be left for us when they leave us or we leave them?
    • "The day before yesterday" they took away our water, "yesterday" they wanted to vaccinate us, "today" they are taking our energy, "tomorrow" they will send us to war?
  • Will our lives be better in proportion to the ever-increasing volume of laws, regulations, prohibitions, orders, decrees, standards, subsidies and sanctions?
    • How many must there be to control every aspect (moment, moment) of our lives and the world thus achieve "perfection"?
    • "Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when you can take nothing away." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Let's start with the prohibition of borrowing by the state. 

  • Consider an unreasonable profit as usury.
  • Let us consider usury as theft.
  • Let's look for and define general principles and goals that we want to achieve and a way that everyone can easily check and "measure" whether and at what speed we are moving towards these goals.
  • Let us seek such general rules and principles that the decisive majority of the profits arising from the labor of the citizens of a certain country remain in that country.

Who I am and a little about my views.

  • I am an IT specialist, SW developer, analyst.
  • I prefer open source technologies.
  • I play the violin, I played in several bands, I like dancing, hiking.
  • I hate injustice, hypocrisy, subsidies, sanctions, totalitarianism and totalitarian practices, corruption, indebtedness and censorship.
  • I am Moravian and half Slovak after my mother.
  • I don't want any occupying armies on our territory. I also consider the presence of US or EU armed forces to be an occupation.
  • Politicians in most cases unsuccessfully solve problems that, if it were not for politicians, would never have arisen.
  • Before I understood what US interests were, I was very critical of the 1968 invasion and the "normalization" period.
    • The then generation in their working age experienced World War II. World. Many have lost their parents, siblings and partners. And the horrors of war were still vivid in their memory.
    • I forgave. And when I see what is happening in our country and in the world now, I find that there is nothing to forgive.
    • We have occupation and "normalization" again. Protectorate and annexation are implemented by the EU through laws limiting our sovereignty and mandatory admission of immigrants under the threat of sanctions, all with the help of our politicians.
    • All that is missing is "Hitler" and start the war.
  • I didn't experience the 50s.
    • It was shortly after the war and must have been a very difficult time.
    • Today, we finance immigrants' residence, health care, and we excuse cases of their violent behavior with difficult life trials.
    • I don't dare to judge that time. I don't know how I would have stood the tests that our ancestors went through and were exposed to.
    • We have other "capacities" for the courts and bearers of "truth" and "love" here... Hřiba, Němcová, Petr Pavel, Lipavský, Černochová, Rakušana, Pavel Novotný, Zelenský,...
  • I consider our "friendship with the USA and the EU" more dangerous for us than "threatening" the Russian Federation. And this assessment of mine does not stem from a fear of the Russian Federation, but from an assessment of the "qualities" of our and US and EU politicians and the "values" they promote.
  • A lot was built after the war and a lot was destroyed after "Samet". Yes, we have more things, but often at the expense of what we really need.
  • My views on the EU and the USA are for a separate article. I will suggest something after all, under the impression of watching the fairy tale "Salt over Gold".
    • I assume that when the new version of this fairy tale, financed by EU subsidies and young Soros, is filmed, one of the princesses will be black, the other a lesbian.
    • One of the princes will be a transvestite. The second prince, named Leopard, will walk around wearing a respirator at all times.
    • One of the princesses will like the king's dad as "Immigration", another as "Green Deal" and the third ... as "Ukraine", "Zelensky", "insects" ... I don't know, I guess we'll stick with salt.
    • However, for ecological reasons, the salt will definitely not dissolve in the stream.
    • The fisherman will be replaced either by an ecological seller of mobile phones, photovoltaics and wind farms, or perhaps by a non-profit organization supporting the adoption of children by homosexual couples.
    • Grandma Korenárka will be a responsible promoter of mandatory vaccination against Covid.
    • And in the end, it will be emphasized that more valuable than all this is the preparation of war against the Russian Federation and the willingness to lay down one's life for Jando's "European values", the "ideas" of Fauci, Gates, the Aspen Institute, WEF, WHO and "giants", "thinkers" and "moral" "giants" of today, such as Lipavský, Černochová, Řehka, Petr Pavel and Zelenskyj together with Fiala, the "Taiwanese" Vystrčil and the "horrified" Němcová.

You who consider my views extreme and worthy of reporting to the police of the Czech Republic.

  • I personally went to the shelf to report the text " With Pain ".
    • Despite my great, approximately one-hour effort, when three policemen and one sympathetic policewoman took turns on me, I did not manage to force a record where I, Jiří Bránek, identify myself as having the wrong attitudes.
  • I was personally on the shelf to consult the " Don't worry " banner.
  • And I promise that even with this text " FORGET that I will let you decide about yourself and your life ..." I will personally go to the police after the new year and ask for the strictest possible punishment.

We will all suffer the consequences of our bad decisions.

I feel sorry for the Ukrainians and the citizens of the Russian Federation who lost their lives in the war created with the help of the EU and the USA.

The consequences of the politicians' decisions will certainly fall on them as well, and I hope that it will be as soon as possible and in proportion to their guilt.

We who did not vote for this "reign of terror" will also bear the consequences. It will be for our inability or little effort to stand up for the truth (in proportion to the level of our position, entrusted powers, income, property, education and intelligence).

Řehko, Lipavský, Černochová, Pekarová, Aurusane, Fialo, Vystrčile, Petře Pavle. You are making me more and more convinced that in case of war I will fight against the USA and the EU.

  • I assume that I will lose my gun license and the right to own a gun for this attitude.
  • Yes, I will also come to the possibility and ability to defend those who cannot defend themselves if necessary.
  • But I can't be silent. I consider silence to be collaboration with the coming totality. I consider this a greater threat than the possibility of losing our lives, which sooner or later this totality will deprive us of anyway.

  • I want to assure "democrats" and modern-day tyrants that I am not thinking about suicide and I do not consider violence as a systemic solution.

  • I am working on the development of the "Trust-Tree" application. I want to help build and strengthen trust between people. I also promise myself from this that we will more easily find better representatives in our ranks than what we have had here so far.
  • We have to unite and demonstrate "locally" in our place of residence. It will work out cheaper, we can do it more often and, above all, in a targeted manner. It will be easy to connect individual locations into a larger whole. Large demonstrations are more effective, but I don't consider them more effective (estimate the average cost per participant, multiply the amount by the number of participants and you will probably be surprised how much money it is just for VAT that goes into the pockets of the "regime").
  • “If bad people come together to form a force, good people must do the same. How simple it is.” (Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy)

Famous sages, rare chemists, famous masters, masters, astrologers, geometers, agronomists, psychiatrists, professors of geology, psychology, theology, malignant diseases, manifest diseases, latent diseases, inventors of patented things, magnificence, in short, intelligence. Please help me change my views so that they are in line with today's mainstream views from conviction. I would opt for a lobotomy if possible when all other options fail.

Thanks for reading, for any well-intentioned help, and have a nice day.

Jiří Bránka