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I became a supporter of the separatists and the Russian Federation (September 6, 2014)

Hello friends and comrades. (translated "")

  • This is a text from September 6, 2014 and I sent it to the embassies of the USA, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Prague Castle.

As I follow the events around Ukraine, I have become a supporter of the separatists and the Russian Federation and an opponent of US and EU policy.

  • I don't agree with everything that RF does.
  • I consider the "help" of the USSR in 1968 to be aggression.
  • I take into account the state of information technology "then" and today,
    • that World War II was still remembered,
    • that not only Russia but also a number of countries in Europe have sought colonial rule in the past,
    • that Russia has been the target of expansionary efforts for about two hundred years,
    • that the siege of the USSR by US military bases was not a fabrication of communist propaganda, but the
    • that the US placed medium-range missiles in Italy and Turkey in 1961, the USSR responded by placing missiles in Cuba,
      • Robert Kennedy, on behalf of the head of state, proposed the withdrawal of Jupiter missiles from Turkey if the Soviet Union did the same with the missiles in Cuba. Khrushchev accepted the proposal. The American president decided to make a concession to the Soviets in Turkey without the knowledge of his collaborators and committed Khrushchev to secrecy. The context of the withdrawal of the Jupiters came to light much later.
    • that the Russian Federation has no troops in more than 150 countries like the United States,
    • that the Russian Federation "mistakenly" placed its borders close to NATO's permanent bases.
  • But today's Russia is not the former Soviet Union.
  • Today's Germany is not what it used to be.
  • Today's US is not what it used to be.
  • "I see" the results of "successful aid" in Korea, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, El Salvador, Argentina,…, Vietnam, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia,
    …… how we “help” Ukraine
    … how we cannot help ourselves with our problems and we want to advise others
    … how we criticize the oligarchs in Ukraine and Russia, while not seeing our own
  • The "separatists" and the Russian Federation are blamed "a few minutes" after the MH17 crash, but the final report on the causes of the Malaysian Boeing crash in Ukraine will not be published until summer 2015. A preliminary report on the causes of the Malaysian plane crash is due this or next week. (announced by the official spokesman of the Netherlands Security Council)
  • "I judge you by myself" (proverb)
  • "Don't judge me not to be tried"
  • "You see the splinter in your brother's eye, and you neglect the beam in your eye" (Abdrushin)
  • How we judge other people speaks volumes about us, our work, and our quality of life.
  • "Before you slander me and judge my life: Put on my shoes and walk my way, walk my past, feel my tears, experience my pain, live the years I've lived, stumble on every stone I tripped on! Get up behind everyone and move on, just like me! And only then can you judge my behavior and claim that you know me… ”(author unknown)
  • Who started the conflict and gave the order to shoot civilians in Ukraine?
    Did the conflict begin when young Yanukovych stopped respecting the property of other oligarchs? The other oligarchs began to defend themselves and saw the only option in overthrowing the elder Yanukovych and the early elections, and began to hire somewhat more rude people? ( former Minister Jaroslav Bašta )

I assess the situation in Ukraine and Crimea as a consequence of a number of erroneous steps and attitudes, especially the EU and the USA, "our" exports of "good".
I do not consider sanctions against the RF to be correct if the "same meter" is not measured for everyone, ie. us, the US, Ukraine, the Kiev government and the UA president.
I am against the bases of anyone in my own territory, especially if it "pursues" "one's" personal interests.
Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the EU and we each have the right to self-determination. But so that "self-determination" is not a "tool" that will serve to satisfy the goals of "elites", oligarchs, bankers, politicians.

Let us not look for an economic, political or military solution.
The solution is to be an example to those around you, to be beneficial. The solution is to develop cooperation that is not unilaterally advantageous and does not use the "popular" method of "privatizing profits and nationalizing losses". Not to rely on threats, blackmail and not just to pursue personal gain.

When I compare the "activities" of the USA and the Russian Federation in the world, I consider the USA and now us as aggressors.

War takes many forms and is usually a struggle for markets, in an effort to improve or maintain your standard of living.

  • Between 1798 and 2012, Washington used military force 240 times, more often than once a year.
  • "I can't speak for America, maybe he has the best of intentions. But it is striking that there has been no democratization in the countries where it has intervened. However, the owners of oil wells changed very often in them. There is a lot to suggest to thoughtful people. ”(Jan Keller)

Is it the US trying to divert attention from its problems? About trying to limit mutual cooperation in the rest of the world and thus support your dollar?

  • The US debt is estimated at $ 60 trillion.

What is the quality of our lives?
Is our Western "modern" society a model of responsibility, morality, sensitivity, empathy, honesty, sincerity, honesty, humility, need,…?

  • "At the beginning of every great wealth is a crime" (Balzac)
  • The European Union has been donating to us for our development over the course of seven years the amount that large "investors" are withdrawing from us every two years. However, the symbolic compensation that Europe gives us for development does not come largely from the pockets of those who are rich in the fact that they bought us. ( Jan Keller )
  • To achieve the growth that politicians keep talking about, we need to open up new markets and therefore wage wars. It is no coincidence that after the founding of the Fed in 1913, the First World War began in a year. War is the best business for bankers. In order to wage war, states must be indebted.
    Therefore, there will never be peace, because the banking system needs regular wars. Therefore, the Second World War followed and then many more wars, more wars will be added. The situation in 2014 is the same as in 1914 before the war. ( from www )

I believe that we are "here" to grow spiritually and not just to have fun and consume. I therefore see positives in the escalation of the problems we create. In essence, problems help us grow spiritually. But let's not have problems "too much" when it causes the dark sides of our characters to manifest and our spiritual decline to occur.

We can all be responsible for the state of the world in proportion to our "position", income, consumption, education, intelligence, whom we "eat", for whom we work. We are also responsible for what is financed from our taxes. "TIs" have the greatest responsibility, as they have the means and power to influence other people's lives economically and politically. And even if they do nothing, it does not relieve them of this responsibility. Let us not rely on "NO" and do not expect responsibility from them. Due to their "position", they are detached from reality. Let us rely on ourselves, let us benefit our surroundings with our meaningful work, let us lend a helping hand whenever it is needed somewhere.

" Politics divides us, let work unite us ." (JABaťa)

The war creates a number of "job" opportunities, but I do not consider it a systemic solution.
Wars do not arise from the failure of politicians, but are the result of their "work."

  • "Tell me, how much does a snowflake weigh?" The tit dove asked.
    "Less than nothing," the dove replied.
    So the tit told the dove its story:
    “I was resting on a pine branch and it started to snow. Not a storm, no, the flakes fell lightly on a branch, pretty slow. Since I had nothing to do, I began to count the flakes that landed on my branch. 3,751,952 fell when the one that landed slowly reached the number 3,751,953, which weighed less than nothing, as you said - the branch burst… “Sýkorka finished and flew away.
    The dove, which has been a symbol of peace since the days of Noah, thought for a moment and then expressed her thought, "Maybe only one person is missing to bring peace to the world."
    Maybe you're the one missing. (Bruno Ferrero - Stories for the pleasure of the soul)
  • "If a man cannot be known from his work, he or his work is worthless." (B.Traven)
  • "Whoever is innocent should throw a stone."
  • " Whatever one fool destroys, a thousand wise men will not fix. "
  • "One fool throws a stone into the water, but ten wise men don't catch it. "
  • "They came for the Communists first,
    and I didn't call because I wasn't a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I did not answer because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the unions,
    and I didn't call because I wasn't a union.
    Then they came for Catholics,
    and I didn't call because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me
    , and then there was no one left to speak. ”(Martin Niemöller)
  • "For the triumph of evil, it is enough for good people to do nothing." ( Edmund Burke)

I was interested in a letter from the Dutch professor Cees Hamelink to the President of Russia Vl. Putinovi:

  • We represent helpless observers when we see Western countries, led by the SS (United States), accuse Russia of crimes that they commit more often than anyone else. We reject the double standard used by the West for Russia. How they accuse you and your country of "crimes" is cruel and vile.
    We, the responsible citizens of the West, see the lies and machinations of our leaders, and we therefore want to apologize to you for what is happening on our behalf. Unfortunately, our media has really lost its independence and is just a mouthpiece for the governments of the rich. ( part of text )

About 50 years ago, "ich bin ein berliner" (JF Kennedy) was heard in Berlin .
I am glad that after my parents I am both Moravian and Slovak, "Czechoslovak", Slavic and "I am Russian and Ukrainian".

I would like to make sure of my friends and friends who are convinced that we are being given the right information, that the US and the EU are "fair" in this "Ukrainian game", that we are not confused with cause and effect. That in the countries where the US and NATO have been and are engaged, the results, and what someone has to pay for it, have stood and will be worth it.

I'm afraid we've already lost. The result will be hatred. The hatred and disappointment of Ukraine that the EU did not meet what the UA expected of it, and that Russia was the cause.

"I do not agree with what you say, but until my death I will defend your right to say so." ( Voltaire)
If you tell them the truth, you can count on them and face any national crisis. They need to be told simple facts. ”( Abraham Lincoln)

It is up to each of us whether "today" will be evaluated in the future as a time of darkness or the beginning of enlightenment.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
Thank you in advance for any reactions, even negative ones.

With respect.

Ing. Jirka Bránka 06.09.2014

Who I am?

  • I am a sole trader, developer, analyst, programmer, consultant, IT administrator,…
  • I play the violin, I like dancing, hiking, skiing, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, I like to paint.
  • I am without political, philosophical and economic affiliation.
  • I don't like to hear "it doesn't work", "it doesn't make sense", "it's useless", "there's nothing you can do about it", "we're too small, insignificant",
  • I do not distinguish between "right", "left", "center".
  • I consider subsidies to be a short-term political solution, creating long-term problems, a "modern" way of control and manipulation, used to "obscure" the context, causes and consequences.
  • I am in favor of balance, decentralization, 'equal distribution of wealth' (I do not mean equality), greater freedom and responsibility of the individual.
  • I'm in favor of "de-dollarizing" the world.
  • I am in favor of "healing" (eliminating) the causes and not the consequences.
  • I prefer cooperation to competition.
  • I am a supporter of the "win win win" strategy, where not only the participants of the "trade" but also the "others" "win".
  • I consider the greatest waste to be the waste of human potential, its insufficient development and use.
  • The same rules should apply to all, including the US, the EU, officials, politicians.
  • I am not waiting for help from either Russia, the EU or the United States.
  • If we want to be better, it will only be our own and, above all, meaningful work.
  • The big problem is the "deification" of money on the one hand and the contempt for honest work on the other.
  • Money is a good "invention", unfortunately due to its anonymity, its owners do not have to bear the consequences of their actions.
    … Also that God cannot be stolen.
  • Bank manipulation, commodity investments, insurance, interest rates, wars, etc. will not help us.
  • Today's "crisis" has no economic but "spiritual" and moral causes, it is caused by incorrect values.
  • Money has become a goal and not a means of creating value. A person who told me he would make money on everything helped me realize this.
  • We are too concerned about what is beneficial and not what is right.
  • Economic growth is a tool to achieve a goal, but it is not the goal itself. People are the basic source of prosperity for any society. I want to help Ukraine and the Russian Federation, because, as I said in the text, I bear my share of responsibility for what is happening there.

Texts in Italian are quotes. I use quotation marks to highlight terms, expressions, or text that can be interpreted in different ways, and the idea is not easy to capture without a broad interpretation.
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