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I have reservations about Mr. Šandor's view that "the conflict has been unnecessarily unleashed by Putin"

I sent an e-mail to Mr. Sandor before the "Andor Sandor Security Analyst Press Conference". After a few minutes of presentation, I stopped watching his "conference" (business presentation).

Hello Mr. Sandor.

My name is Jiří Bránka.

This message of mine is open, I am not ashamed of my views.

I am not afraid of the consequences of my choices and decisions, if they are right, honest and, above all, with good intentions.

I want to respond to your statement:

Experienced security expert Andor Sandor then answered a question about what he is not completely impressed by the Ukrainian president. " What really bothers me is that Zelensky is still blaming us for thinking that the conflict is a conflict that Ukraine is leading for the Western Free World, I don't think so, because I am convinced that it is a Russian-Ukrainian conflict over national and it is basically a conflict that has been unnecessarily unleashed by Putin and Ukraine has the right to defend itself.

I have reservations about the words 'And this is basically a conflict that was unnecessarily unleashed by Putin' and I ask you to answer the following questions.

  1. What did you do between 2014 - 2022 for the citizens of Donbas who are no longer with us? What will you say to the child victims?
  2. Were the murderers of the victims in Odessa caught and convicted?
  3. You know that the fighting in the Donbas lasted longer than for the Czechoslovak period from Munich to the end of World War II. world war?
  4. What did Mr. Zelensky, Poroshenko, Fiala, Cernochova, Austrian, Lipavsky, Nemcova, Pekarova, ... do between 2014 and 2022? And with what result?
  5. What did France, Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic do? And with what result?
  6. What did the citizens of Kiev, Lviv, ...? And with what result?
  7. How many dead in the "LLR" and "DLR" territories were expected before the "problem" could be justified and solved?
  8. What do you think Mr. Putin should have done?
  9. What would you do in his place and with what expected result?
  10. What about the West's contempt for the Russian Federation that its economy is based solely on oil and gas exports? Disposal of monuments II. World War II before the "special operation"?
  11. Do you consider the evidence in the cases of Vrbětice, "Ricin", "Salisbury" to be credible?
  12. Do you want to deny that the promotion of Nazism is rampant in Ukraine?
  13. What do you think about Azov Special Purpose Unit and its "activities"? Should we set up a similar unit with us? If not, why not?
  14. Do you want to deny that Western Ukraine treats the "Muslims" contemptuously?
  15. Are you surprised by the separatist tendencies of "LLR" and "DLR"?
  16. The cases our courts have been dealing with for decades, but who shot down MH17 was clear right away? How do you explain that?
  17. How do you assess the expansion of the US and NATO, their "export of democracy" and "successes" in Yugoslavia, Syria, Afghanistan?
  18. Sanctions against Venezuela and Iran, the war in Iraq, the coup and the civil war in Libya?
  19. I can't help but remember the "humanitarian" Orange Agent in Vietnam as an analogy to the bombing of Yugoslavia.
  20. Who started the Caribbean crisis and the subsequent withdrawal of US missiles after an agreement between Khrushchev and Kenedy's brother?
  21. Do you know what it was like with the "annexation of Crimea", the Crimean referendum and the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation?
  • In the case of Crimea, the referendum of January 20, 1991, several months before the collapse of the USSR, whether the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic should be restored is concealed. At the time, it was an administrative "promotion" of Crimea from an "area" to an "autonomous republic." 81 percent of eligible voters took part, 94 percent said yes. The Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR approved the relevant law, and with effect from June 19, 1991, Crimea became an autonomous republic within Ukraine.
  • On October 21, 1995, the Crimean Parliament adopted a revised constitution, which was confirmed on June 28, 1996 by the Ukrainian parliament in the new Ukrainian constitution. According to Section 10 of the Ukrainian Constitution, Crimea became an autonomous republic within Ukraine, which under Article 138.2 had the power to call local referendums, the subject of which was not limited by this section of the Ukrainian Constitution.
  • On October 23, 1998, Ukrainian President Kuchma signed a law approving it. Article 48 of the Crimean Constitution declared the right of the Crimean Republic to hold a referendum on substantive issues for the Crimean population.
  • Since 2000, the Autonomous Republic also has its own anthem.
  • The referendum of 16 March 2014 was therefore the exercise of this right, which was also in line with the Ukrainian constitution. The objections that it took place in the presence of Russian ("occupying") troops, who were even said to have been sent there, are completely odd. In 2010, a Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the lease of Crimean bases for the Russian Black Sea Fleet was concluded until 2042. Milan Syruček (Russian-Ukrainian relations. Myths and Fact. Prague 2015) states that Sevastopol has been given special status, and in total 4,600 objects in the Crimea had the right of extraterritoriality. The total number of soldiers, even after their replenishment at the beginning of 2014 (it was probably supposed to be the "occupation"), never exceeded the amount specified in the contract.
  • Thus, the presence of Russian soldiers in the leased facilities did not affect the conduct of the referendum, as it turned out essentially the same as the referendum in 1991, when no such allegations were made, even though Black Sea Fleet soldiers were still at Crimean bases.
  1. Can you completely rule out that the US developed biological weapons in Ukraine?
  2. Can you completely rule out that Ukraine was preparing an offensive on the DLR and LLR and that "special operations" were supposed to prevent this?
  3. Do you consider today's West, USA and EU as a model of justice, honesty, consideration, fairness (add other attributes, let's not evaluate who is worse and who is better, we have to start with ourselves)?
  4. Can you rule out that "Ukrainian soldiers" do not kill civilians?
  5. Can you completely rule out that the dead in "Buč" were the result of the "work" of Russian soldiers? How do you explain the inconsistency of satellite images with information from the Ukrainian side?
  6. I was once asked how I knew I was fighting on the "right side". Can you try to answer this question simply, without a political and economic subtext?

We have been dishonoring the Russian Federation for a long time, while we are the assembly plant and "feeder" of the West and now perhaps the largest supplier of weapons per capita to the most corrupt country in Europe, Ukraine?

I do not agree with the policy of the Czech Republic and I am ashamed of our "representatives".

I expressed my opinion on the front page and

I welcome the information and arguments that will help me change my views.

If you evaluate my attitudes for the Czech Republic as dangerous, "prejudicially hateful" or otherwise defective, suffice it to say and I will go to the Czech police myself.

Thank you in advance for your comments, for your help and have a nice day.

With respect.

Jiří Bránka in Zlín 24.5.2022