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poslední úpravy: May 7th, 2022 10:49

Good day everyone. (translated "")

My name is Jiří Bránka, I am a citizen of the Czech Republic.

I expected from the Russian Federation only the support of the DLR and LLR in order to alleviate the armed conflicts on their borders. However, the US and the EU could be expected to increase tensions, or at best to further ignore non-compliance with the Minsk agreements.

Do politicians realize, that the conflict in Ukraine is already lasting longer (March, April 2014 - 2022) than our "experience" with Germany from Munich until the end of the war (September 30, 1938 - May 9, 1945)?

I am very sorry for Ukraine, the DLR, the LLR and the Russian Federation, and I consider the United States and the EU and their policies to be the main culprits of the current situation. I consider this unfortunate military "solution" used by the Russian Federation as a way to avoid greater conflict in the future. I have a hard time finding words because I also disagree with this "solution".

What should I think about people and politicians who, in 8 years, cannot resolve the local conflict between people of the same ethnicity, way of life, language that did not and did not have to happen? Let's think about what in recent years who dealt, who got rich and who got poor.

Let me start with a few facts.

Crimean referendum and Crimea's accession to the Russian Federation:

  • In the case of Crimea, the referendum of January 20, 1991, several months before the collapse of the USSR, whether the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic should be restored is concealed. At the time, it was an administrative "promotion" of Crimea from an "area" to an "autonomous republic." 81 percent of eligible voters took part, 94 percent said yes. The Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR approved the relevant law, and with effect from June 19, 1991, Crimea became an autonomous republic within Ukraine.
  • On October 21, 1995, the Crimean Parliament adopted a revised constitution, which was confirmed on June 28, 1996 by the Ukrainian parliament in the new Ukrainian constitution. According to Section 10 of the Ukrainian Constitution, Crimea became an autonomous republic within Ukraine, which under Article 138.2 had the power to call local referendums, the subject of which was not limited by this section of the Ukrainian Constitution.
  • On October 23, 1998, Ukrainian President Kuchma signed a law approving it. Article 48 of the Crimean Constitution declared the right of the Crimean Republic to hold a referendum on substantive issues for the Crimean population.
  • Since 2000, the Autonomous Republic also has its own anthem.
  • The referendum of 16 March 2014 was therefore the exercise of this right, which was also in line with the Ukrainian Constitution. The objections that it took place in the presence of Russian ("occupying") troops, who were even said to have been sent there, are completely odd. In 2010, a Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the lease of Crimean bases for the Russian Black Sea Fleet was concluded until 2042. Milan Syruček (Russian-Ukrainian relations. Myths and Reality. Prague 2015) states that Sevastopol has been given special status, and in total 4,600 objects in the Crimea had the right of extraterritoriality. The total number of soldiers, even after their replenishment at the beginning of 2014 (it was probably supposed to be the "occupation"), never exceeded the amount specified in the contract.
  • Thus, the presence of Russian soldiers in the leased facilities did not affect the conduct of the referendum, as it turned out essentially the same as the referendum in 1991, when no such allegations were made, even though Black Sea Fleet soldiers were still at Crimean bases.

Evaluation of the situation in Ukraine by the writer, musician Petr Štěpánek:

  • Because the European Union forced Ukraine on an unacceptable association agreement, Ukrainian President Yanukovych refused to sign it.
  • Because President Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the EU, Maidan came.
  • Since Maidan, the governments of Ukraine, with the support of the EU and the US, have seized ultranationalist forces.
  • As governments over Ukraine seized ultranationalist forces, they immediately came up with a proposal to abolish Russian as an official language.
  • As ultranationalist forces came up with a proposal to abolish Russian as an official language, the eastern regions of Ukraine began to revolt.
  • (Note: The pro-Russian population does not live in eastern Ukraine, as Czech Television has been telling us for eight years, but millions of Russians. And because Russians live in eastern Ukraine, Russia feels a sense of belonging to them.)
  • As the eastern regions of Ukraine began to revolt, the Ukrainian government sent an army to them.
  • As the Ukrainian government sent an army to the eastern Ukrainian regions, separatist tendencies accelerated there.
  • As separatist tendencies accelerated, the Ukrainian government, instead of offering reasonable autonomy, continued to harass weapons and heat under the cauldron.
  • As the Ukrainian government continued to harass weapons and heat under the cauldron, the Russians ran out of patience on both sides of the border after eight years.
  • And we are where we are.

Ladislav Kašuka's opinion:

  • Did they really think in Kiev that Russia would forget the 48 survivors burned with impunity that were burned in Odessa in 2014 by neo-Nazis supported by Kiev just because they loved Russia?
  • Did they really think in Kiev that Putin would forever close his eyes to the fact that Ukrainian missiles had been killing innocent young children in Donbas for 8 years, during which time more than 500 were killed by the Ukrainian army, or maimed forever?
  • Seriously, they thought in Kiev that they could seize power over the whole of Ukraine, and in those regions where they did not want to accept the coup government, they could shoot people who refused to listen to them as harmful and throw them into mass graves near Kramatorsk and Mariupol. ?
  • Did the Kiev government really form the coup that all the crimes, murders and genocides would only work because the US and the EU have been turning a blind eye to it for 8 years, and that instead of condemning these inhuman acts, they are supplying weapons to Ukraine?
  • Seriously, has the Kiev junta lived to this day in the illusion that all those crimes against Russia's friends and the Russians themselves will pass them by?

We all failed who looked for ours and "looked elsewhere". Poor Ukrainians are victims of the US struggle for world domination, with the support of the EU. And I also feel sorry for us Czechs, Slovaks and 'Moravians', that we are now part of the "Anglo-Saxon world".

Let us stop idealizing the West.

England and the United States are classic naval powers belonging to the Atlantic civilization. Germany and Russia are classic land powers.

  • Hence the strategy of wars of naval powers. The Anglo-Saxons are classic pirates, pirates.
  • They prefer contactless wars… he came, saw, plundered, burned and fled, so that the locals would not wake up and beat them. They look for weak points, they prefer not to fight face to face and quickly lose their spirit at high losses.
  • With the help of the fleet, the British created a world empire. They took advantage of the weaknesses of other countries, nations and tribes. They divided them, used them and controlled them. They robbed the whole planet.
  • The Americans created the same type of empire. At the beginning of World War II, the development of aviation led to the Anglo-Saxons receiving a new weapon of "contactless" war.

The United States is the only country to have used atomic bombs on civilians. In the first two to four months after the bombs fell, 90,000 to 166,000 people died in Hiroshima and 60,000 to 80,000 in Nagasaki, almost half of whom died in the first day of each city.

The Vietnam War, the US invasion of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs, the deployment of US missiles in Italy and Turkey and the Caribbean crisis, Afghanistan, Colin Powell and Tony Blair and Iraq, Libya fell into chaos after the overthrow of Gaddafi, the break-up of Yugoslavia and the US base in Kosovo .


  • Agent Orange was first used by British forces in Malaysia during the Malaysian uprising. During the Vietnam War, the US military also deployed in Laos and Cambodia. According to incomplete statistics, about 6 million liters of defoliants were dispersed in some 6,000 combat operations over several Southeast Asian countries, of which more than half - 45 million liters - spread over about 24,000 square kilometers of Vietnam (about 7% of today's Vietnam, which corresponds to 1/3 of the area of ​​the Czech Republic and I have a feeling that Oliver Stone stated larger numbers). About a third of the 1.5 million hectares on which the herbicide was applied were sprayed more than once and about 52,000 hectares were sprayed more than 4 times. The spray was applied to inland forests, cultivated land (to destroy crops) and coastal mangroves. Over 3,000 villages with a population of 2 - 4.8 million were directly affected. In the most affected places, this was reflected in the many times higher number of births of deformed and mentally handicapped children. The substance directly damages the genetic equipment. Children suffering from these symptoms are still born today. On August 9, 2012, the day before the 51st anniversary of Agent Orange's first use, a US-Vietnamese project was launched to reduce contamination of contaminated soil at the site of a former US air base in Danang. The US has pledged $ 41 million by the end of 2016. a US-Vietnamese project was launched to reduce contamination of contaminated land at the site of a former US air base in Danang. The US has pledged $ 41 million by the end of 2016. a US-Vietnamese project was launched to reduce contamination of contaminated land at the site of a former US air base in Danang. The US has pledged $ 41 million by the end of 2016.
  • Vietnamese citizens and American war veterans have asked for compensation for being exposed to Agent Orange. Their application was rejected in 2004-2009 by US courts of all instances and the Supreme Court. According to the judges, one of the reasons for the refusal was not to prove the connection between the use of Agent Orange and the diseases and injuries caused by the Vietnamese and war veterans.


  • Let's go back to 1991, when Saddam Hussein was pushed out of occupied Kuwait, when Iraq was bombed, when global UN sanctions were imposed on Iraq, and when the United States and Britain unilaterally declared no-fly zones over its north and south. The Security Council has laid down a number of conditions for the lifting of sanctions. By the way, these were the harshest, literally draconian sanctions in UN history, claiming hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million victims, especially among the most defenseless - children.
  • Not allowing the lifting of the anti-Iraq embargo was a cornerstone of the Clinton administration's Iraq policy, where Madeleine Albright, a native of the Czech Republic, held the post of foreign minister. Recall how, in an interview with Lesley Stahl in May 1996, Albright found the cost of half a million dead Iraqi children - victims of sanctions - quite acceptable so that American boys would not have to enlist in Iraq again.
  • At the same time, it is well enough mapped that the Americans, their services, helped Saddam at crucial moments. Both against President Qasim and the Communists at the beginning of his career, and especially during the Iraq-Iran war, when American pilots flew over Iraq with Iran, when the Americans provided intelligence and food loans to Iraq, as well as a few chemical weapons. Until the last moment, just before the US-British invasion began in 2003, Saddam foolishly thought that Americans would still need him to save him.
  • diplomat-343931

Yugoslavia and Kosovo:

  • The Croatian daily Jutarnji list said that among the eight companies that participated in the privatization of Kosovo's Telekom, Albright Capital Management, owned by the former head of American diplomacy Madeleine Albright, is among the eight companies. Croatian Telekom suddenly withdrew from privatization under strange circumstances. According to behind-the-scenes information, the tender was tailor-made for Albright, when a politician who had significantly contributed to Kosovo's independence had earned 20 million euros (485 million crowns) the year of selling a stake in Kosovo's telecommunications company Ipco. And it was the Ipco sign and the embrace of the former US Secretary of State with the Kosovo Prime Minister and former terrorist Hashim Thaci that dominated the poster that upset Albright so much in the incident with pro-Serbian activists at the Luxor Book Palace,
  • And not that Albright was the only one. Former US General General Wesley Clark, who commanded Operation Allied Force in 1999, which began the process of Kosovo's secession from Serbia, is buying lignite mines in Kosovo, according to Jutarnji. Kosovo is said to have the fifth largest stockpile of this raw material in the world.
  • And thirdly, the American corporation Bechtel, whose board of directors until recently also included Jock Covey, the former deputy director of the UN mission in Kosovo, plans to begin construction on the highway from Pristina to Skopje. That is, as soon as the motorway from Pristina to the Albanian border arrives.
  • Whether it is ethically permissible for politicians and soldiers to start a billion-dollar business, whose independence they have just advocated with bombs and machine guns, we will answer for ourselves.

Invasion of Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia in 1968:

  • The situation in our country was different then than it is today in Ukraine. In 1968 we did not shoot our fellow citizens. Let's deal with the "presence" and that is: "Where we have all been for 8 years and how to avoid a situation similar to the one in Ukraine".
  • It is also necessary to take into account that in 1968 it was only 20 years after World War II. World War II, a period of one generation that still remembered its horrors very well.
  • Today, I can understand that the USSR was concerned about developments in our country, given the ongoing war in Vietnam, the location of American missiles in Turkey and the subsequent Caribbean crisis in 1962.

NATO enlargement:

  • In 1990, US Secretary of State James Baker assured Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not move "an inch" eastward. President George W. Bush and Chancellor Helmut Kohl made the same promise to Gorbachev the same year. Although Western politicians did not make this promise in writing and Gorbachev did not naively demand it, recently declassified documents include written records of these and other 1990-1991 talks in connection with the German unification negotiations. A transcript of a March 6, 1991, meeting of foreign ministers from the United States, Britain, France and Germany shows that politicians have agreed that the accession of Eastern European countries to NATO is "unacceptable" and that NATO should not expand beyond the Elbe.

American politicians, political scientists and journalists themselves write and say that the US has become a real "realm of lies" in recent years. And the whole so-called Western bloc that the United States has created in its image is the same "realm of lies."

The cases of "Skripal", "Vrbětice" did not convince me of the qualities of the investigation. I have great doubts about the objectivity of the MH-17 shooting down investigation.

I welcome a similar document listing the aggressions of the USSR and Russia:

I consider the EU to be a bureaucratic apparatus that can "mainly" centralize, subsidize, sanction, regulate, censor, misinform, "solve" LGBT, generate a huge number of laws, "divide and rule", support corporations and political non-profit organizations, manipulate, inefficiently redistribute taxpayers' money and, above all, owe us without being able to influence it.

Economically stronger countries, through money on debt, drain the weaker ones their doctors, technicians, craftsmen, engineers, ... Today, the Czech Republic also participates in this, which itself suffers from a shortage.

Britain, France and Italy are former colonial powers, which is still the source of their economic dominance, which of course they do not want to lose. It is also understandable that their efforts today are to transfer the burden of migration from their former colonies to countries that are not so economically strong and have not participated in and benefited from colonization in the past.

  • 3.3.2022 Mr. Vít Rakušan commits us in the EU to establishing full solidarity in the redistribution of refugees.

The EU pursues "its" goals through totalitarian practices in the interests of corporations and through their collaborators. "Profits are being privatized and losses are being nationalized." Or are they corporations that promote their interests through the EU and collaborators?

We have more things today, but the quality of life is declining. I definitely feel less free in the EU than before 1989 in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. At that time, disintegration processes were already noticeable. Today we have clear processes that limit our freedom and we have a divided society across professions, generationally and ideologically. The state (EU) is increasingly interfering in all aspects of our lives, which is the definition in our case of corporate fascism.

  • Fascism is a type of political ideology, characterized mainly by authoritarian and leadership principles, tense nationalism ( EU promotion ), militarism, social Darwinism ( LGBT, prejudice, "immigration support" ), the cult of modernity, youth and power as well as and the strong economic role of the corporatist state ( EU ), in which private property must serve collective benefit ( EU ).
  • I make that thought. There is no general agreement among experts on the definition of fascism.

Of course, the Russian Federation is also dominated by corporations and suffers from the same shortcomings as the US and the EU. Why don't I criticize her? I try to see "the beam in my eye" (Matthew 7: 3-5). For example, I consider debt and armaments costs to be important evaluation criteria, which are more favorable for the Russian Federation than for the EU and the USA.

It is necessary to start with "yourself". But it is easier to constantly criticize others and force them to correct than to change themselves.

Being in place of the Russian Federation, given the events in Ukraine in 2014, the involvement of the US NAVY in Sevastopol in September 2013 and the result of the referendum in Crimea in 2014, I would do the same with regard to Crimea.

Comparing the situation in Ukraine and the Sudetenland in the 1930s is offensive and unacceptable for the Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia in 1938 was a model Central European democracy that was respected. The same cannot be said of Ukraine. Unfortunately, Ukraine has fallen victim to oligarchs and corrupt people. It is unacceptable to compare these two systems. (former diplomat Petr Drulák)

I will offer my comparison to what is happening in Ukraine:

  • In the Czechoslovak Republic, we would require Czech as the only official language.
  • If the Slovaks disagreed and the separatist tendencies (for example in Trenčín), we would burn a few Slovaks and shoot several others while trying to save themselves.
  • If, for example, the Prešov region and the Košice region wanted to break away and declare the Košice and Prešov People's Republic, would we start shelling them and continue the fighting for another eight years?
  • Not to be misunderstood. My mother was Slovak, she cried during the division and said that we should split up so that no one would shoot. And if something similar to ours happened in Ukraine, I would fight on the side of Slovakia.

I do not consider NATO to be a defense pact, but an instrument of politics, especially the USA, with the support or consent of the EU. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have recently "excelled" over others in this support. And I consider our "Army of the Czech Republic" to be an expeditionary force in the service of NATO.

The US in particular benefits from the conflict in Ukraine, which does not need the EU to work with the Russian Federation and China. The situation suits EU politicians because it diverts the attention of EU citizens from the problems that politicians have created and are creating and that they do not want and cannot solve. It is always easier to rule when there is an external enemy and no attention is paid to the internal enemies.

I have been ashamed of the Czech Republic's foreign policy and its level for a long time. And I'm more and more ashamed. As a small country, it is "admirable" how much we can do in a few years.

The US is changing regimes around the world and pursuing only its own interests. Russia is trying to do the same in its neighborhood. Is this only unacceptable in the case of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation?

In the case of Ukraine, the mistake is mainly on the part of the EU. We are dealing with "Ukraine" and claim that Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation are to blame for "everything".

  • Where were we when President Yushchenko posthumously awarded Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine in 2010?
  • Where were we when the law on the special status of local languages ​​was repealed in 2014, which provoked protests in the south-east and in the Crimea?
  • Where were we when the House of Trade Unions set fire to Odessa on May 2, 2014, where anti-Maidan activists were blocked? People trying to get out of the burning building were shelled and doctors were not allowed to approach them. As a result, 48 people were killed and more than 200 were injured.
  • Where have we been when all this provoked protests in the south-east and in the Crimea, which affected the separation of the Crimea and the civil war in the east of Ukraine?
  • Where were we when the Minsk agreements were violated?
  • Where have we been and what have we been doing for more than 7 years?
  • Where have they been and what have they all been shouting today for more than 7 years?
  • We take care of our "maladapted" by building flats, which immediately devastate. Are we helping Ukraine build democracy in the DLR and LLR by sending artillery shells?

Armed conflict is a disaster for all involved. He has only one positive thing. A large number of people have realized what war is.

Perhaps, for us normal people, everything will turn out well. If not, we will be responsible for all those who have been and have been watching for so long.

Thanks to our politicians, I am also responsible for the current situation. I would like to help all parties to the conflict in Ukraine. Please advise any suitable way I can help?

Do you think that the solution is to send more weapons to Ukraine?


On 25 February 2022, the CZ.NIC Association, on the basis of a "recommendation" from the government, is blocking the following websites:

I consider the concealment of information, as is the case with "our" television, worse than misinformation. Misinformation must be responded to with truthful information and arguments, not censorship.

According to Mr. Lipavsky, "Putin will lose the war he unleashed senselessly" and this is very likely. But it also depends on the evaluation criteria. What if it is another victim of the Russian nation, as it was during World War II? What if the goal is not to win in Ukraine?

What if it's a test for each of us? To wake up and end US domination, just as the Communists abolished the party's leading role in society in 1989? At the time, MEPs voted unanimously.

  • What is so bad about the Russian Federation's demand to have a belt of countries without NATO bases and without nuclear weapons around it?
  • What is so bad about working with Ukraine and the Russian Federation without condemning and accepting them into political, military and economic structures?
  • What to start building relations between people and countries on work and not on politics and financial machinations? No sanctions, no subsidies, no manipulation of public opinion and no censorship?

"Politics divides us, let work unite us." (J.A. Baťa)

"The cause of the crisis is moral misery. The turning point of the economic crisis? I do not believe in any turning points by themselves. What we are used to calling the economic crisis is another name for moral misery. We run the risk of this mistake, we do not need any ingenious turns and combinations in the position we are in. We need moral attitudes towards people, work and public property. debt, not throwing away value for nothing, not blackmailing workers, doing what has lifted us from post-war poverty, working and saving and making work and saving more profitable, desirable and honest than lounging and wasting. financial and credit, however, it cannot be overcome,trust is a personal matter and trust can only be restored from a moral point of view and a personal example." (Tomáš Baťa)

Trust and faith:

Yes, Mr. V. Putin and the Russian Federation are likely to lose the war. For me, Lipavský with our entire political and media scene, the EU and the USA have already lost. They have lost my trust and lost trust is very difficult to gain.

If you consider my "understanding for the chosen procedure of the Russian Federation in Ukraine" as support for warfare, know that I similarly understand the oligarchs and their efforts for increasing power, as well as the thief who seeks something that is not his. I understand that the EU wants to decide every aspect of our lives, that the US wants to dominate the world. It is as understandable that the sun wants to set in the west and rise in the east.

What matters is what we want and whether we can distinguish what is beneficial, what harms us and, most importantly, what is right.

A few days ago, he was threatened with mandatory vaccinations, penalties for not wearing veils and differing views on "covid". Views are now banned across the board.

Let's try to estimate further developments. I assume a "letter of invitation" in which our government will ask for the deployment of nuclear warheads on our territory, and the mandatory wearing of banners, as we love the US and the EU for "eternal times and never otherwise".

In difficult times, our moral qualities and character show.

  • I believe that most people are basically good.
  • I believe in "as we forgive those who trespass against us."
  • I believe that people can distinguish good from evil.
  • I believe that I recognized evil correctly in 2014 in Odessa and please forgive me for "looking elsewhere" for so long.
  • I believe that the young generation will distinguish good from evil and how important it is to stand up for truth and justice. And I believe that the older generation is able to help them in this.

I thank our liberators in 1945 and I believe that when the conflict in Ukraine ends, we will remember who got rich and who got poor.

Thank you to everyone who helped me shape my views, and at the same time I welcome information and arguments (from anyone) that will help me change my views, and I thank you in advance for this help.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

With respect.

Ing. Jiří Bránka, 28.2.2022