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Let's evaluate things in a broader context, let's not assess the situation only on the basis of the last "5 minutes"

poslední úpravy: June 14th, 2022 11:28

What should Mr. Putin and the Russian Federation do in the "affairs" of Ukraine differently? How should they proceed? And why didn't the "advanced" West proceed like this?

Let's consider events in a historical context. In the case of Crimea, the referendum of January 20, 1991, several months before the collapse of the USSR, whether the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic should be restored is concealed. At the time, it was an administrative "promotion" of Crimea from an "area" to an "autonomous republic." 81 percent of eligible voters took part, 94 percent said yes. The Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR approved the relevant law, and with effect from June 19, 1991, Crimea became an autonomous republic within Ukraine.

On 15 April 2016, more than six years ago, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe published a report on the torture of Russians in Donbas by Ukrainian military and police forces.

What did "we" do in 2014-2022 for the citizens and children of Donbas who are no longer with us?

What did Mr. Zelensky, Porošenko, Fiala, Černochová, Austrian, Lipavský, Němcová, Pekarová, ... do to solve the conflict on Dobas between 2014 - 2022 ? With what result?

Can we completely rule out that the US was developing biological weapons in Ukraine? What evidence do we have for this?

To make a possible analogy with the capture of the Sudetenland in 1938. The Czech Republic was democratic, we did not kill the Sudeten Germans, we did not fire the Sudetenland for 8 years. Let's evaluate things in a broader context, let's not judge the situation on the basis of the last "5 minutes".

RF has no need to spread. The US and NATO have these ambitions. Just look at the numbers and locations of military bases.